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Si's mastery at opening portals to new worlds through his intuitive delivery and uncanny precision, has built a resounding demand and prestigious reputation all over the world. In the undulating waves and sometimes salient linearity, the interwoven qualities of minimalism and complexity grant us a glimpse into the depths of his designs and process; each of Si's original hand-drawn designs and 3D creations are timeless, or they are all anachronisms in their own right.

It is in that poignancy of groundbreaking visual narratives that Si establishes an unspoken language that imbues into his art — From typography to illustration, creative direction to exhibitions — An air of mysticism, allure, and familiarity. His thirst for exploration and artistic expressions are continually leading him to exciting new territories, as he charges into the world of tattooing with a mission for discoveries that will further potentiate every aspect of his creative process.

With global recognition from creative industries and institutions, Si's award-winning work has been featured in numerous publications, including, the Best 200 Design Moments Ever by Computer Arts Magazine, and honoured twice in Luerzer's Archive - The Best 200 Illustrators in The World.

- Ivy Mahsciao